Drain Repair

There are few things more frustrating than realizing that a drain or section of pipe on your property has been clogged. As annoying as this problem in itself is, a clogged drain can actually indicate a much bigger and more serious problem in your property’s plumbing. A clogging or blockage in a drain can cause excessive stress and wear on the pipes often causing crack or failure and leaving you with a major leak and an expensive replacement bill.  But with the Drain Rescue team, you can get your property’s plumbing back to its best performance with our reliable drain and comprehensive repair services. We use the latest technology and equipment to accurately identify the source of the problem and provide a targeted repair service that will leave you with excellent long-term results.


Three Major Advantages To Use An Expert As Drain Rescue.

Keep Your House Cool! While we don’t want to turn your lunch off, the above mixture of items stuck inside your pipes can start to develop a pretty potent odor over time. Using a professional drain cleaning service greatly reduces the risk of “that smell” entering your home. You can spend weeks emptying trash cans and cupboards without ever realizing the real culprit is under the sink. Reduce Costs Along the Way

If a drain is left long enough and begins to clog, there is little chance that it will improve on its own. Typically, a blockage will get worse until you are dealing with a flooded area and a clogged drain. It won’t cost you a fortune in the future.


Drain Rescue is Here to Help You.

Drain Rescue offers drainage and plumbing services to residential and business premises at a price range that gives you peace of mind and value for money. We aim to provide the easiest and long-term solution in every situation, that’s why our licensed plumbers go straight to the heart of every problem to see if there are any underlying problems that are to be addressed. We do not provide any quick fixes because they will never work for you. Drain Rescue offers you the ultimate combination of quality service and affordability. Clogged drainage and plumbing emergencies come at very unexpected times, which is why we’re here 24/7 serving those in Glen Iris, Oakleigh, Glen Waverley, Caulfield, Burwood, Wheelers Hill, St Kilda, Clayton, and beyond.

Why wait for the problem to get worse when we are just a call away?
Don’t take any risks, trust only the experts.


Keep Your Living Spaces Healthy

A buildup of bacteria in sinks and basins is not a good start for anyone looking to keep a healthy home. Kitchens and bathrooms are breeding grounds for dangerous bacteria, so make sure they don’t overflow your sewers.

Call Drain Rescue today to arrange for a drain cleaning in your home and thank yourself later.


Drain Rescue

We’ve all had that “oh no!” where we observe an accumulation of water in our toilets, sinks or bathrooms. You know everything has to be draining, flowing, and run smoothly, but it doesn’t.

There are many factors that can cause blocked drains. Whether it’s excessive hair in the shower, grease or food scraps in the kitchen sink or just things that shouldn’t be flushed down the toilet, clogged drains can be notoriously difficult to avoid.


Hydrojet Cleaning

We’ll be honest with you, we know drain cleaning isn’t the most glamorous or sexy job in the house. When you think of the (rather disgusting) mixture of dirt, makeup, hair, food, toothpaste, and just about anything that could end up in the drains on a daily basis, it becomes immediately obvious why regular and professional cleaning of your drains is essential. While there are some things you can do to give your drains a fighting chance, like a weekly boiling water flush, though it can’t replace a good professional cleaning.

Leak Detection

In Australia, wastage of water is a common problem, not to mention the high cost. However, while many people are able to avoid overuse through measures like short showers and smart garden maintenance, the problem of leaking pipes is often not mentioned. One of the biggest contributors to water wastage, and if it doesn’t appeal to your conscience, it will likely appeal to your wallet.

Here are 3 signs you may have an unknown leak on your property.

Increasing Bills

Simple, but if you see rising bills and can’t figure out what’s going on, there’s a good chance you’ve got a leaking pipe. Many invoices will give you a clear comparison of how much you are reusing versus the same period last year. If you see an unexplained increase, it’s time to call an expert.


Strange Meter Readings

If you have access to your water meter, there is a quick test to see if your water systems are working properly. Check your meter reading, then stop using house water for at least 30 minutes. If you see the meter change after this half hour, there’s a good chance pipe in your property is leaking.

Mildew Or Mold Appearing on Your Walls

If you see mold on the walls of your property, you have excess moisture on the surface of the walls or are trapped in the walls themselves. While there could be a number of other causes, if you have moisture in the walls of your property, a leak could be to blame. In short, pipe leaks are a big problem. If you know you have a problem, or have encountered any of the above issues, call Drain Rescue immediately. We will be able to tell you about any problem you may have before recommending the best action plan that suits you.

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